Rain, on the one hand, falls in abundance, while on the other it is seldom made useful. It is therefore time to capture this water before it goes to the sewers and test how it could (re)take its place in the city.


The ProperWaterPavilion is a wooden construction easy to build and dismantle in public space. With its funnel roof, it catches rainwater and with a low technology filtration system; the water is purified to levels according to different needs.


The pavilion itself is a place for meetings, debates and exchanges: literacy classes, homework schools, playgrounds, as well as debates on the right to free access to water and at a café on international solidarity and history. In addition to informative moments where construction tips were given, workshops could also followed to build, draw and brew. Synergies were created with festivals such as TokTocKnock (KVS), Matongé-Europa (Liaison Office Brussels-Europe) or the Biodiversity Trail (Museum of Natural Sciences and EGEB)