Limite Limite’s ambition to alter the neighbourhood’s negative image was translated in a communication strategy from very early into the project. Architect Chris Rossaert was asked to produce a striking image, which translated into the tower protruding into the street. Well before the tower was built, the image was distributed widely: to inform local residents, a sign with the image was put up on site. To create a sense of ownership and civic pride, this image was distributed on postcards throughout the Brussels region.

Also on site a message board was put up, informing passers-by of the state of affairs of the construction, along with other initiatives taken in the area.

On a bi-monthly basis, a local newspaper was published in Dutch, French, Arab and Turkish. Each issue dealt with a different subject. Contributors ranged from local residents and the local women’s association and local shopkeepers to the mayors of St-Joost-ten-Node and Schaarbeek.