2008 Londen

The Wafflebank is a tool that enables users:
– to value informal competences
– to network projects, initiatives and people with know-how

The Wafflebank is an investment bank that does not work with money and not with waffles, but with the talents and know-how of people. It is used to engage with people about what they like to do. It allows people to invest know-how or talent. By using cheques, customers can make their know-how available to the bank and receive a waffle and a network in return.

2008 Soirée Micronomique/ London
2008 Southbank festival/ London
2008 K9 Berlin
2008 Recyclart- BRXL BRAVO/ Brussels
2008 WorldWaffleDay (Brussels Onthaal Nieuwkomers) / Brussels
2009 Micronomics festival / Bruxels
2010 Urban Platform / Brussels
2014 Anker Festival / Ghent