2013 Brussels
Tablecloth is a tool that enables users:
– to think in a systematic, interactive and evolving way about the conception of a project
– to find the coherence between a project and reality

Tablecloth is a help guide for the conception of projects. It consists of a large poster that in 5 stages defines the key elements of a project: description, objectives, people (targeted, concerned, indispensible, to take into account), time and space.
The proposed cycle helps to think about a project in a systematic way, and to improve the project with every loop. Each stage is linked to the other stages, which enables users to improve their idea, to strengthen the connection between project and reality and to make headway in the conception of a project.

2013 ]pyblik[ Masterclass Quartier Brabant
2016 St Luc- atelier Masterclass with students of the public space department